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How to Attach RFID Tags Correctly?

Your rfid tags do not work properly because they are attached improperly?  Cannot read your RFID tags consistently? Want to find out the right ways to attach your rfid tags?
Here are the five methods commonly used to affix RFID tags to assets’ depending on the asset’s surface and environment:
1. Film Adhesive: 
Used for most tags and standard applications such as race timing and tracking fixed IT assets.
2. Foam Adhesive
used for tracking fixed durable assets in industrial applications where a stronger adhesive method is required.
3. Epoxy: 
Used for fixing strongly and covering embedded tags. Personally I used this way to tracking tools, bike frame and pipes.
4. Screws/Rivets: 
This way is used in conjunction with durable tags in applications where you need the strongest possible attachment method, such as mobile durable assets.
5. Wire or Cable Tie:
 This way is used where any of the above options are not feasible. Not a very durable form of attachment, but it is good for hard to tag items, like cables or cords.
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