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Company Profile

Founded in 2009, XGSun is a reliable source in the RFID tag industry. We are a global supplier offering clients a secure, one-stop location where you can buy RFID tags and readers for your own systems and applications.
1.   Product Range
We focus on making cost- effective HF and UHF RFID tags to meet the needs of clients.
Production Range of XGSun
2. Capabilities & Experience
We have an experience of 8 years in RFID Industry and we have served clients from fifty-eight countries.

 3. Equipment
XGSun has two RFID factories, one team focusing on creating RFID tags in Nanning and the other in Shenzhen.
1) Product Line in Nanning 
Germany Muhlbauer TAL & CL Full Automatc Machines

Germany Muhlbauer TAL & CL Full Automatc Machines
2)Product Line in Shenzhen
There two sets of new German Heidelberg four-color offset press at our factory in Shenzhen . We have a number of printing staff with superb printing technology. Our printed products are with bright color, accurate color, and less aberration, not easy to fade, difficult to damage, and permanent color maintenance.

4. Certificates


5.Trade & Market

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6.Payment Protection 
We are Alibaba Trade Assurance supplier. With purchase contract signed on Alibaba, you can get full protection when doing business with us.
 Key Aspects of's Trade Assurance program:
(1) 100% payment protection
(2) 100% product quality protection
(3) 100% on-time shipment protection

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