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RFID Logistic Label

Wholesale UHF ISO 18000 6C rfid tag for logistic

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Wholesale UHF ISO 18000 6C rfid tag for logistic
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UHF Passive Adhesive Rfid Sticker Tag Products For Anti-theft


rfid tag for logistic


Alien H3


ISO/IEC 18000-6C, EPC global Class 1 Gen2

Operating Frequency

UHF 860-960MHz

Operating Mode

Passive(Battery free)


64 bit TID, 96 bit EPC, 512 bit User Memory

IC Life

100,000 Programming cycles, 10 years data retention

Read distance

Average reading distance:  (depending on reader and environment )




UHF Passive Adhesive Rfid Sticker Tag Products For Anti-theft



1. Do you offer custom design RFID tags, labels or inlay?

    We are continually updating and adding RFID products to our website to meet your needs. 

    If you are searching for a particular tag, but can’t seem to find anywhere, please contact us, it is our pleasure to assist you in getting what you need.

2.Can you help to get my labels printed & encoded?

    Yes, XGSun offers custom encoding service for all of the RFID tags available for purchase. 

    The lead time depends greatly depending on your volume and requested Printing/Encoding options.

    If you have other specifications for the tag’s human readable portion, we will be reaching out to you after you purchase your tags. Please tell us about these requirements when we contact you.

     Our operations team can offer the following options:

    Barcodes (almost any standard)

    Black and White Labels

    Other text (as tag space allows)

3.Do you have RFID label sample packs?

    Yes, we do! We have sample packs ready for you. 

    If you're building or improving your RFID system, it's not always clear which RFID tags will work best in your application. 

    Additionally, testing your system is an important and necessary task to ensure optimum performance.        That's why we've created sample packs of various RFID tags. 

    Sample packs provide a cost effective way to test different RFID tags and find the perfect one for your system.

4. How About Your After-sale Service?


     Any products found damaged or unworkable, we will check and replace those products.If customers want to return the items received, you can concact us.

     Customers should pay the additional shipping fees incurred and the products returned should be kept in their original conditions.

For Orders with Alibaba Trade Assurance Service

    With purchase contract signed on Alibaba, you can get full protection 

    (1) 100% payment protection

    (2) 100% product quality protection

    (3) 100% on-time shipment protection

RFID Logistic Label

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